IDPA Style Paper Shooting Target - Green

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Looking for a top-quality shooting target that's perfect for practicing your IDPA shooting skills in both indoor and outdoor ranges? Look no further than Torres Targets' IDPA Targets!

IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is a shooting sport that focuses on real-world self-defense scenarios, and our IDPA Targets are designed to help you hone your accuracy and speed for these situations. Our IDPA Targets feature the same dimensions as other similar IDPA targets, with a target zone that's ideal for honing your skills.

Crafted from premium-grade paper right here in the USA, our IDPA Targets measure 24" x 36" and provide ample space for target practice in a variety of shooting ranges.

At Torres Targets, we're committed to using only the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that each target meets our high standards of quality. Our IDPA Targets are no exception - they're designed to provide shooters with an exceptional shooting experience.

Featuring a durable and reliable design, our IDPA Targets are ideal for both beginner and experienced shooters. With their IDPA silhouette design, you can easily simulate real-world shooting scenarios and sharpen your skills for competition or personal defense.

Choose Torres Targets for top-quality IDPA shooting targets that are sure to impress. Order your IDPA Targets today and take your shooting game to the next level!



Paper Targets Available in the following sizes

  • 24x36 Inches
  • 18x24 Inches
  • 12x18 Inches
  • 8.5x11 Inches


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