Paper Targets

Torres Targets: Premium Paper Shooting Targets for Precision Training

Welcome to the "Paper Shooting Targets" category at Torres Targets, where precision meets quality. Our collection of paper shooting targets is expertly designed for shooters who demand the best in their training regimen. Ideal for law enforcement, military personnel, and shooting enthusiasts, these targets offer a perfect blend of durability and functionality.

Each target in our range is crafted from high-grade paper, ensuring that they withstand multiple rounds while providing clear visibility and feedback. Whether you're engaging in close-quarter drills or honing your long-range accuracy, our paper targets are suitable for various shooting disciplines and environments.

Our paper targets come in diverse sizes and designs, including traditional bullseyes, silhouettes, and scenario-based layouts. This variety allows shooters to tailor their training to specific goals, whether improving marksmanship, working on tactical scenarios, or simply enjoying a day at the range.

At Torres Targets, we are committed to delivering targets that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. Our paper targets are designed to be easily recyclable, aligning with our dedication to sustainability and responsible shooting practices.

Browse our selection to find the perfect paper shooting targets for your training needs. With Torres Targets, enhance your shooting precision, track your progress, and achieve your training objectives with confidence. We have Photo Shooting Targets, Standard Shooting Targets like bullseye, B21 and B27  silhouette Shooting Targets, and if we dont have the shooting targets you want we can make Custom Shooting Targets that can fit anyone's needs.