Joe Biden Paper Shooting Target - Confused Cupid

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Introducing the latest in our presidential-themed target collection: Confuesed Cupid Joe Biden! Babysitters beware Confued Cupid Joe is in the air, and ready to sniff your hair. Our high-quality paper target features none other than Joe Biden dressed as Cupid – complete with wings, and his "love gun" Whether you're a fan of Torres Targets or just looking for a laugh, this target is sure to spark some conversation and a bit of friendly competition the next time you take it to the range. Perfect for political pundits, history buffs, or anyone who enjoys a unique twist on target practice. Remember, all gun laws are infringements!

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor ranges, these targets are designed to meet the rigorous standards of professional training while also being suitable for recreational use.

Our photo-realistic targets are available in the following sizes: 8.5"x11", 12"x18", 18"x24", and 24"x36", catering to various training scenarios and space requirements.

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