Jared Loughner Shooting Target - Prison Escapee with rings

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Fine tune your skills with this shooting target of Jared Loughner, an American terrorist and convicted mass murderer. Loughner pled guilty to 19 charges of murder and attempted murder in connection with the January 8, 2011 Tucson shooting, in which he murdered six people and injured a total of 13 people. In November 2012, Jared Loughner was sentenced to life plus 140 years in federal prison.

Are these targets legal?

As citizens of the United States of America, our First Amendment Rights allow us to shoot, stab, cigar poke or destroy any picture of any person or political figure, as long as there is no credible threat to their lives.

This Target is printed in full color on bond paper.

Available in the following sizes

  • 24x36 Inches
  • 8.5x11 Inches