100 Yard MOA Paper Shooting Target With 1/4 MOA Adjustments 8.5x11 Inches

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This Sighting in target has a 6 MOA x 6 MOA target grid with bullseye. This target is great for Sighting / Zeroing / Accurizing your MOA optic on your rifle, pistol, shotgun or any other weapon that you choose.


  • Each black square on this 6 MOA x 6 MOA grid paper target is 1 MOA (1.047 inches) edge to edge, with smaller gray squares 1/4 MOA (.26175 inch) edge to edge inside for more precise adjustments to your optic.


  • The 100 Yard MOA target grid is marked U for Elevation Up, D for Elevation Down, R for Windage Right and L for Windage Left along the edges of the target for quicker adjustments.


  • The Bullseye at the center of the target is a one inch red circle with larger three, and five inch red rings.


  • Below the target is a a space for recording important data including Date, Beginning & End Time, Weather, Wind Conditions, Firearm, Ammunition Used, Optic, Shooting Position, as well as Location.

These targets are great for getting a new optic sighted in and adjusted to your needs. Don't forget to take one of our MOA  targets to the gun range the next time you go!




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