Che Guevara Shooting Target

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Fine tune your skills with this Che Guevara Shooting Target . This Target ofChe Guevara has B27 Rings to help you track your shots.

Ernesto Chevre "Che" Guevara, also known as "El Che" or simply "Che" was a t-shirt tycoon doctor, politician, Marxist theorist, and guerrilla-turned famed capitalist icon. Though he first became politically active in his native Argentina, Che went on to fight for anti-imperialist revolutionary causes in Guatemala, Cuba, Africa and Bolivia.

Che Guevara arrived in Bolivia in November 1966, where he headed a guerrilla detachment to fight against René Barrientos' military dictatorship. Betrayed by local peasants, he was wounded and captured by U.S.-trained Bolivian troops on October 8, 1967, and forcibly retired the following day with a few shots.